What are BillieBars?

Our custom bed bars are light weight, easy to install, and have a static load capability of up to 1000 pounds. Made from the most durable materials, BillieBars are built for life. Utilize the space above your truck bed and easily load up tents, bikes, cargo bins, surfboards and more - while still allowing for easy lockable access to storage underneath.


• American made.

• High strength steel brackets that are black wrinkle powder coated.

• RTV in the hard to reach places to prevent rust. 

• Black anodized aluminum bars with a T-slot configuration.

• Low to the truck bed so tents, bikes, or cargo aren't above the roof.

• Easy installation achievable by one person.

• Light weight. Total system weighs 46-49lbs.


The ultimate overland accessory. Install your BillieBars and in a matter of minutes you're ready to hit the road with all of your gear safe and secure.


Thoughtfully designed with care. BillieBars are crafted from the most durable materials in the game. Easily remove and install them as often as you'd like without wear and tear.


"Quick & easy install on my 2011 Tacoma TRD. First thing you’ll notice is the solid construction. Have seen some other similar products, but they seemed flimsy and/or cheaply made compared to these. So far, I’ve used for hauling a variety of outdoor toys around. Easy loading, securing, and offloading, while still allowing for easy access to storage underneath which is a nice feature. Uses seem endless. I highly recommend."
"As an avid outdoorsmen, I’ve been searching for something versatile for my Tacoma for the campgrounds. The Bed Bars are everything I need, and I haven’t even explored all of its uses yet! Super durable product, and simple installation. Highly recommend this product and glad I came across Billie Bars."
"Versatile is an understatement. They're perfectly over-built and I'm certain you'd break your truck before bending these bars. There are so many possibilities to use them too. 12/10 recommended."

NEW BillieBars Molle Panel

You asked, we delivered. Introducing BillieBars Molle Panel! Mounted with brackets that attach to any BillieBars set. The BillieBars Molle Panel is perfect for recovery boards, high lift jacks, gear bags, rotopax, and more.

The design allows for flexibility of both the bar placement along the length of the bed, and the height of the Molle panel—set at a slight angle for ease and accessibility.

Accepting orders NOW.

We're truck people.

Hey, there. We're Bill & Nate. Like so many new products or ideas, BillieBars was born out of necessity. Our goal was to create, once and for all, the very best truck bars. We are truck people and we're passionate about the products we make. Which is why we put so much care into the design and the ongoing manufacturing of BillieBars. We're easily accessible and we're happy to answer any questions you might have about BillieBars.

You can reach us anytime at info@billiebars.com