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Mounting your Bike

Mounting bikes to BillieBars - made easy

The Ultimate Truck Bed Bike Rack 

We're here to help make things easy when you're looking to mount a bike(s) on your BillieBars - maximizing the capabilities of your truck, while keeping bikes safer in the event of an accident (no more bikes hanging off the back of your vehicle). Already have a set of BillieBars and want to see all bike mounting options? Start here

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Got E-Bikes?

The best rack for mounting E-Bikes on a truck

If you have e-bikes that you don't want to carry on a hitch rack, add our BillieBars and one of the sturdy aftermarket bike racks that we offer. This way your E-Bikes are safe and secure above the truck bed.

Multiple Mounting Options

When it comes down to it, we have two different ways to mount your bike to BillieBars - leaving the front wheel on, or taking the front wheel off.

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Front Wheel ON

Front Wheel ON

To achieve this you'll need one of the two bike racks we offer - either the full bike carrier from 1UP USA (featured on black Tundra below), or the BrassKnuckles from RockyMounts (featured on grey F150 to the left) - both of which are excellent, and easily and efficiently attach to BillieBars.

A Matter of Preference

A Matter of Preference

RockyMounts and 1UP USA both make awesome bikes racks, and keeping both wheels on definitely makes going from the cab of your truck to ripping easier. The 1UP racks are made in the USA but will require a separate locking scheme (ex: cable lock) -they're beefy, and industrial strength - like BillieBars. The BrassKnuckles clamp to BillieBars out of the box and have the option for locking cores - allowing you to lock your bike and the BrassKnuckles to your BillieBars. We love both of these companies and we fully endorse either option!

Front Wheel Off

Front Wheel Off

This is a great way to mount your mountain or road bike - easily locking your front axel via the DropTop from RockyMounts (locking core included). We created a bike bundle, that offers a few different options for securing the rear tire, and includes a BillieBars branded rear tire strap.

Perfect if you plan on running a Roof Top Tent

Perfect if you plan on running a Roof Top Tent

We have 3 rear tire trays - the OG Rear Tire Tray, the Woopy, and the Woopy XL. All 3 are great for road or mt bikes (including fat tires). The main advantage of the Woopy is the flush design - you can remove the bike and open your RTT (mount the DropTop on the side of BillieBars), maximizing your capacity.


We also have a side bike mount, but they are specific to the 11" and up racks, for tonneau covers with integrated t slots (ex: Retrax XR). You'll also need a bike rack from RockyMounts or 1UP USA- but if you like the look and function, start by shopping for bed racks below

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