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Tailgate Panel Guide

Tailgate Cover Guide

Product Guide for the BillieBars Tailgate Cover

So what is a Tailgate Cover?

Also referenced as tailgate pads, tailgate mats, tailgate protectors, tailgate tables, or tailgate inserts - they are a flat surface replacement for the factory tailgate. More specifically, it's the spot where you sit when the tailgate is down. For those that love to camp outdoors, take a break on the open road and enjoy a view, host a tailgate at a sports event, or are constantly loading and unloading your truck bed, upgrading your existing panel may be a total life enhancer.

How did it start for us?

Well, like a lot of things in this world, our tailgate covers started by accident. We designed flush bed stiffeners (known as the BillieBars Stiffy's) for the Toyota Tacoma. The Stiffy's are a reinforcement system which helps strengthen the bed when running a bed rack, without losing bed space. But when we realized the factory tailgate panel wouldn't close with the Stiffy's installed, we knew we had to replace it, and make our own. Now we're rocking a sturdy bed and a tailgate that's actually useful!

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Tailgate Panel Guide

Why Replace your existing Tailgate Panel?

Well, for one, have you ever kneeled on those hard factory ridges? It's not exactly something you look forward to, you know? But if you're a truck owner who is running a tonneau cover (or bed rack for that matter) - there are 3 inevitables in life - death, taxes, and having to kneel on your tailgate panel!

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Tailgate Panel Guide

Why BillieBars Tailgate Cover?

Well, a better question may be, why not?

We've already established kneeling on your factory tailgate cover is zero fun

BillieBars Tailgate Cover offers the following:

  • a direct replacement for your existing tailgate - typical install time is 3-10 minutes
  • a custom CNC'd aluminum panel, topped with custom marine grade flooring
  • recessed cup holders capable of holding your favorite beverage of choice
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Tailgate Panel Guide

Ford Workbench Tailgate Water Damage

If you own a Ford with a WorkBench Tailgate, you may have heard that there is a seal issue, which if left outside in the rain, can lead to damage to the actuator responsible for opening the tailgate. With the help of our friend @Andrew_Longron, we were able to put together a solution for you - in conjuction with our BillieBars Workbench Tailgate. Here is the whitepaper explaining the solution to keep your tailgate waterproof.

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Tailgate Panel Guide

The Benefits?

Consider your tailgate cover the Welcome Mat to your truck. You wouldn't have a useless, piece of plastic on your front door step, would you? Beside having something cool to brag about at your next barbeque, you can actually grab stuff out of the bed of your truck in comfort. You can put your drink somewhere. You have a completely flat surface for food prep (use a cutting board, please) and you have a usable workspace perfect for tools, or even changing babies!

The Benefits?
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Tech Specs and More

Below is some information on the more technical aspects of the Tailgate Cover and common FAQ

  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    -6 mm thick marine grade flooring, adhered to a 1/8" aluminum panel

    -aluminum panel is custom CNC'd to your year, make and model of your Truck

    -recessed cup holders - vary in size depending on model (dimensions per model are on product page specs)

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  • FAQs


    - Is hardware included? Yes, if it's needed. There are some models where hardware is not included, as the existing factory hardware is utilized. Either way, you're covered!

    -Is it durable? We use marine grade flooring, which is found in one of the harshest environments - so you know it's designed to last!

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