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Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

Product Recommendations for Adventurous F150 Owners

The strongest truck bars for the Ford F150.

BillieBars were created out of necessity. Our founder, Bill, was tired of buying expensive bed racks that were poor quality, difficult to install, and often times couldn't hold the gear he needed them to. Bill decided to make it his mission to create bed bars that could actually get the job done. The result: BillieBars!

The Original BillieBars

It all starts here. If you’re looking for a Ford F150, F250, F350 or Raptor bed rack that’s tonneau cover compatible, you’ve come to the right place. We designed the BillieBars to work with Ford Trucks, clamping to the inner bed lip of your bed rails (all hardware and clamps provided). Perfect for camping, overlanding, kayaking, fishing, biking and more!

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Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

F150 MOLLE Panels

Having a set of bed bars for your precious F150 wasn’t enough, so we added side MOLLE panels to the fold. These are great for mounting recovery boards, high lift jacks, shovels, axes, and more. We offer 2 different style molle panels, are small and mid height, depending on what style you prefer!

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Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

F150 Tailgate Cover

The F150 Tailgate Cover

About 2 years after founding BillieBars, Bill had the idea to make tailgate covers with the BillieBars spin (durable, simple, American made, and easy to install) replacing the hard plastic existing OEM tailgate cover. Using a CNCd aluminum panel, and covered with marine grade foam, the BillieBars F150 Tailgate is integated with recessed cup holders. Now you can kneel with comfort when reaching into your bed, and have a place for your drink too!

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Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

Roof Top Tent Options and Solutions for your F150

One of the most-used functions of BillieBars F150 bed racks is for Roof Top Tents ("RTT"). For the F150, putting a RTT directly on the bars will keep the tent in profile with the truck (that is, the tent won’t poke up over the cab), which could help your gas mileage. If you need more room under your RTT, the Tent Riser Kit will give you better access and rear window visibility - with the tradeoff that your RTT will poke over the cab. It’s a matter of choice! BillieBars are ideal for hard shell, soft shell, and pop-up RTT’s.

Roof Top Tent Options and Solutions for your F150
about rooftop tents

Kayak Mounting on a F150: LowPro vs HighPro

Water’s kind of a big deal. Whether you're fishing or just out for a paddle, we know how much getting to your happy place means to you. With our LowPro and HighPro mounts, we made it a little easier and a whole lot more efficient to mount your kayak on your Ford Truck, removing hassle and getting you out there faster.

  • LowPro Kayak Mount

    LowPro Kayak Mount

    If you’re searching for a perfect bed rack for hauling kayaks on an F150 (or other Ford line truck), this could be a great option for you. It's designed so you can easily load your kayak: just open and rest your kayak on tailgate, then push it over rear bar. That's it!

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  • HighPro Kayak Mount

    HighPro Kayak Mount

    This heavy-duty kayak mount allows you to get your kayak completely over the cab. It’s extra beefy with a support base that will only take up 8.5” of mounting space on your BillieBars. Think of it as quasi "kayak roof rack" - just without any mods needed on your roof.

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F150 Bed Rack Awning Mounting Kit

You’ve got all the essentials for your F150 BillieBars build out (say that 10 times fast!). But don't forget one of the most essential elements needed in the great outdoors - shade! Our awning mount is height adjustable (you can keep it below the F150 cab) and it works with just about any road awning out there, including those big 270 degree awnings you’ve been dreaming about.

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Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack Guide

More BillieBar Accessories

Below are a few products that may make your new favorite F150 bed rack even better.

  • RTT HD Clamps

    RTT HD Clamps

    If you're running a Roof Top Tent on your BillieBars, you may want to consider our RTT HD Clamps. The hardware provided by your tent company should be compatible, and our RTT HD Clamps form-fit to our bars - rest easy knowing your tent is secure.

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  • Woopy Bicycle Rear Tire Trays

    Woopy Bicycle Rear Tire Trays

    Looking for a bike rack solution for your F150 AND you want to have the full function of a RTT? Well, that’s where our Woopy comes in! Designed so its mounting surface is flush with your BillieBars - when you open your roof top tent, there’s no interference.

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  • Tie Down Kit

    Tie Down Kit

    If you're going to be running a wide variety of cargo, it's not a bad idea to consider these tie down kits. They're great if you're using a basket (Yakima Load Warrior featured here) - or just looking for another point to hook on a rachet strap!

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  • Antenna Mount

    Antenna Mount

    If you have a CB or HAM radio, this a way to carry the antenna around on your F150!

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