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Tonneau Cover Fitment Guide

Tonneau Cover Fitment Guide

We will be continuously updating this fitment guide as we know there are a ton of tonneau covers on the market. Reach out to us if yours isn't listed!
No Cover

No Cover Universal Clamp

No Cover Utility Track

No Cover

Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

Tacoma Dealership Trifold

Tacoma Dealership Trifold

Extang Solidfold 2.0

Extang Solidfold ALX

Extang  Trifecta 2.0

American Tonneau Cover- Soft/Hard Tri-Fold

BakFlip MX4 (See Note 2)

Tyger T3

Tyger T5

Gator SFX

BestTop EZ Fold

Proven Ground EZ Hard Tri-Fold

Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold

EnThuze Hard/Soft Tri-Fold
Top Mount

Tonno Pro Tri-Fold Hard and Soft

Leer Trilogy

Rugged Liner HC3, E-Series

PremiumDNA Motoring TTC-HARD-060

Mopar Soft Tri-Fold

Gladiator Mojave

Diamondback Covers

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Tyger T1

Tyger T1

Truxedo Truxport (See Note 4)

BestTop EZ roll

Mopar Soft Roll Up Cover Jeep Gladiator

BakFlip XS4 Revolver (See Note 2)

Tonno pro (with small weatherstripping)

Truxedo Prox15 (See Note 5)

Lomax Cover

Rugged Ridge Armis cover on Jeep Gladiator

Retractable Tonneau Covers

PaceEdwards Switchblade

Peragon Covers (All trucks, Tacoma with utility brackets)

Retrax Covers

Roll n Lock covers (With small weatherstripping)

Retractable Covers with T-Slots

Retrax XR

Retrax XR

Pace Edwards

Roll n Lock


(1) A tonneau cover is not needed to mount our bed rack system!


(2) Select option on Tacoma product page for relocated utility tracks - this will include special BakFlip brackets. Some BakFlip covers do not have relocated utility tracks. Please be aware of which cover/installation you have. Small trimming may be required depending on date of manufacture for BakFlip. For other model trucks, added weatherstripping and/or aluminum tonneau cover rail trimming may be required.


(3) Some covers not listed may
still work with trimming of the cover brand rails


(4) Added weatherstripping may be needed from the local hardware store


(5) Requires some aluminum trimming on the tonneau cover rails