What Are Truck Bed Bars?


What are truck bed bars? Bed racks? Bed cages? Crossbars?
These are all terms you’ll see pop on the internet as you search for what is best for your truck. It can be hard figuring out exactly what you want, with so many options on the market. Truck bed bars typically utilize a bracket system, allowing the bars to mount perpendicularly to the bed.

What are they used for?
Truck bed bars are traditionally used to mount the essential overland items on your Tacoma, Gladiator, Tundra or off road vehicle of choice - roof top tents and bikes are the primary items that are mounted. Depending on the bed rack or bed bar system that you choose, you can also mount snowboards, surfboards, cargo bins, rotopax and more.

Things to look for when buying
 The big things to think about when selecting a bed rack or bed bar system for your truck are:

Weight and Size of the System - are you willing to leave it on permanently? or do you want to be able to take it on and off easily?

- how high do you want your system to be? bed racks typically rise to the cab of the truck, whereas crossbars or truck bed bars are typically lower in profile, which lowers the overall center of gravity of your ride

Bed Use - are you using a tonneau cover? is storing your belongings safely under the cover important to you? bed racks are usually not compatible with tonneau covers. if this is deal breaker, you’ll definitely want to look at a bed bar system, that is compatible with your tonneau cover

Durability - this one is important. nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on something only to have it rust or bend. searching forums for information is typically where you find the dirt on durability

Weight Capacity - what do you plan on mounting on the bed bars? if you’re using a roof top tent, and sleeping 1-3 people, you’ll want at least 500 pounds static load capability. Most companies have their weight capacity listed.

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