BillieBars - Retrax Rack Molle Panel Kit (QTY1)

*NOTE: Only compatible with the Retrax 11", 17", and 24" high Racks, we recommend using Anti-Seize on the Bolt/Nut threads*
 See BillieBars Small Molle Panel for the Molle panel for the Retrax 6" rack!

Key Features

  • Made and Manufactured in the USA
  • Measuring in at 53 3/4” long and 7 3/4” tall, the panel is mounted with brackets that attach to any current (or future) BillieBars set. The BillieBars Mid Height Molle panel is perfect for recovery boards, high lift jacks, gear bags, rotopax, and more.
  • The design allows for flexibility of both the bar placement along the length of the bed, and the height of the Mid Height Molle panel

  • This Mid Height Molle Side Panel Kit is per side, and can be used on driver or passenger sides! We recommend a dab of anti-seize or lube  and hand tools to assemble.
  • The BillieBars Mid Height Molle panel is made of powder coated aluminum, so beat it up without fear of rust. Included with the panel is all stainless steel security hardware. 

  • Patent Pending