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Why BillieBars?

There are a lot of truck racks and bed bar systems on the market. So what makes BillieBars different? We like to think of BillieBars as a "buy it for life" truck rack system. Below are some features that separate us: 

  • American made 
  • Helicoil inserts so the threads on the bars don't wear out 
    • take them on and off as much as you want 
  • High strength steel brackets that are black wrinkle powder coated 
    • RTV in the hard to reach places to prevent rust 
  • Black anodized aluminum bars with a T slot configuration
  • Compatible with most tonneau covers 
  • Low to the truck bed so tents, bikes, or cargo aren't above the roof 
  • Easy installation achievable by one person 
  • Lightweight
    • total system weighs 46-49 lbs depending on the model 

We are truck people and are passionate about the products we make. Which is why we put so much care into the design and the ongoing manufacturing of BillieBars.

Find out for yourself and leave the road behind.  


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