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We founded BillieBars in 2020 - out of necessity. Bill, a lifelong truck enthusiast and mechanical engineer, needed something to support his active lifestyle, while still allowing him to keep his truck a truck. 

Nate was lucky enough to meet Bill in 2018 - and instantly we were connected - as we decided on the mission to create something that the world truly needed. We’re virtually polar opposites, but we share the same common principles and philosophies, which are seen frequently in the BillieBars brand, and the products we’re proud to make today, all here in The United States of America!

 Above all we value family and friends, the outdoors, simplicity, and freedom! We know we make a physical product but in a lot of ways, BillieBars embodies these values – allowing you to connect with your loved ones, getting you outdoors, while using a simple and effective system, in your own personal way.

 After spending a few years helping our customers get out there and enjoy what the world has to offer, we’re even more excited now than we were when we started. We’re so thankful to have the wonderful customer base we have, and we cannot wait to help more and more people get better use out of their truck!

 We also had a great initial team that shares the company values, Sawyer, who is a part of the U.S Military, as well as John - who are both key players in our operation. We are so proud of our ever growing BillieBars Family. We’d love to connect with you, so drop us a note anytime!

 Happy Adventuring,