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About Us

BillieBars was founded by two friends who have two big things in common: passion for the outdoors and making the most of everyday.

Bill, a lifelong truck and recent Tacoma enthusiast, discovered the need for something new, when a set of bars he purchased for his truck were bending. Luckily for us, Bill knows what he's doing when it comes to mechanical engineering  (8+ years of experience) and he designed BillieBars using the most up to date software and finite analysis, as well as sourcing the very best customized components, which comprise BillieBars. When Bill isn't off-roading or camping with his buddies, he's a dedicated family man who loves watching Frozen with his wife and daughters.

Since Bill is busy doing his day job and taking care of his two girls, in comes Nate---who for some reason Bill thought would be a good partner in all of this (sorry Bill). Nate, who is passionate about entrepreneurship, mountain biking, and his golden retriever, got to know Bill over the course of a few years working together, where they were constantly bouncing ideas off each other. Nate is usually waiting for Bill to catch up on the trails and Bill is often telling Nate to get rid of his 08' Honda Civic and upgrade to a Tacoma. Stay tuned! 

Like so many new products or ideas, BillieBars was born out of necessity. Our goal was to create better truck bars so all of you can focus on what truly matters----enjoying the most of everyday!

 -Bill and Nate