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Tailgate Cover Details

Tailgate Cover Details

If you get it, you get it. Maybe because you probably already have the BillieBars Tailgate. Or you're just fed up with destroying your knees every time you kneel on the back of your factory tailgate. Either way, the light bulbs going to go off soon here!

Take a minute to watch the above video. The bolt patterns will vary depending on the model of truck you have, but the principals remain the same. 

Soft but rigid. Contradictory statement, right? Well, not really. The top surface of the BillieBars Tailgate is made of closed cell marine grade foam - that's right the same stuff you'd see on a center console boat. Marine environments are typically some of the harshest environments you can find earth - wind, rain, sun, shine, sleet, cold, heat and of course, salt. What it means is the foam is designed to last.

The foam is then routed to the correct specs of the truck model, and firmly adhered to the bottom surface of the BillieBars Tailgate - a CNCd aluminum panel- which matches the existing bolt patterns of your tailgate perfectly. 

We'll either utilize the existing hardware the factory tailgate has, or provide our own hardware. 

The result is a subtle but meaningful upgrade to your truck. You can now kneel on your tailgate surface without feeling like you just knelt on the nearest toddlers toy dinosaur. What it will actually feel like, is a little bit like your personal tailgate butler laid a pad to kneel on. Simply put, you'll be able to kneel comfortably on your tailgate. 

You also gain the benefit of having a completely flat surface, that has grip (things won't slide off with the slightest nudge, like it does now on your factory tailgate), ESPECIALLY when it rains. It may not happen often (or ever at all) but if you find  yourself standing on the BillieBars Tailgate in the rain, you'll feel really good about your upgrade. Like really, really good. If not, hopefully you know how to ice skate.

As far cup holders? Well the BillieBars Tailgate has 2, deep cup holders (they vary slightly in size per model) where you can comfortably place your beverage of choice, or keys, or hardware - for a project you're working on. But mostly beverages. Yep. 

Our stock tailgate comes in classic black over grey, which is a great option for any color truck. But we didn't let Henry Ford stop us there - we offer them in more than just black. We offer them in 58 colors actually. You can find all of the options on our custom tailgate page. You can ever route or laser etch your favorite logo. The possibilities are endless.

So whether you're shopping for yourself, or for your friend (it makes a great gift for anyone that has truck, by the way) - do yourself a favor, and upgrade today to the BillieBars Tailgate. After all, it's the welcome matte to your truck!