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Cargo for the Holidays!

Cargo for the Holidays!

BillieBars is most known across the globe for hauling RTT's (roof top tents), bikes, kayaks and other outdoor adventure gear. But the reality is that it solves one of the biggest problems you have with a truck - how to best utilize the space above your bed. 

And sometimes, the best use of the space above your bed is for hauling cargo. With only so much space in the cab of the truck, the last thing you want to do is pack things in there, leading to an uncomfortable space for those riding in your Chariot of Choice.

Here we have the 2024 Tundra TRD PRO with the Peragon Limited HDx Edition, with the XRP Rugged Matte Finish tonneau cover and 5" BillieBars

The bed of the truck filled up with space quickly (luckily it's all super secure and weather proofed, thanks to the incredible American Made cover from Peragon), so another solution needed to be found for hauling all those Holiday presents. 

We looked at a handful of options, but we found the Thule Force XT with the t slot adapter kit, to be the cleanest, simplest, and most secure solution.

You can see that it seamlessly mounts to the crossbars with the T slot adapter kit, greatly reducing the possibility of theft. 

This box from Thule also locks, providing security for the belongings that you're looking to haul, and due to the overlapping top piece, it keeps things waterproof and safe from the elements. With the 5" BillieBars, it also conveniently sits below the roof of the cab, so you can comfortably pull into a garage, and maintain your already poor gas efficiency. 

If you have another aftermarket cargo box that you're looking to mount to BillieBars, the first thing to consider is the dimension of the BillieBars crossbar itself. We use the beefiest extrusion on the market - measuring in 40mm (H) x 80mm (W) - which translates to roughly 1.57" x 3.15". If you have a clamping dimension on your accessory of choice, see if it can handle a spread of that size. If it doesn't, you may be able to purchase longer bolts, if it's clamping dimension doesn't meet the spread of 40mm (H). 

So, if you own a truck, or are considering buying one, BillieBars offers the tonneau cover compatible platform to haul your cargo - making your long trips more efficient, more organized, and most importantly, more comfortable.

As always, feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have on fitting an aftermarket accessory to BillieBars!


Haul with Confidence,

BillieBars Team