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BillieBars - Timed Install

BillieBars - Timed Install


If you're considering a bed rack, a huge consideration is install time and effort. Most bed racks require more than one set of hands, and some considerable blockage of time. 

If and when you need to remove random said bed rack, you're probably going to have to call your crew, and bribe them with some local pizza, all in an effort to restore your truck to the status quo.

At BillieBars, we believe in keeping your truck a truck. And an important facet of keeping your truck a truck is a reasonable install time, all without blowing your back out.

We decided to put this concept to test in the form of a timed install. For this test, we used a Toyota Tacoma, with the OEM trifold.

The total system (5" BillieBars) weighs 47lbs, with the heaviest component weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs. What that translates to is an install that is easily achievable by one person. Say goodbye to unnecessary friend bribery - and get ready to enjoy that delicious pie of 'za all by yourself. 

To be fair, Bill (installer in video) is the designer/engineer and foremost BillieBars expert on the globe, so he does have a slight advantage over the rest of us. But we'd venture to bet that someone out there could beat his time, with just a little practice.

The entire install took less than 10 minutes - 8 minutes and 30 seconds to be exact. 

One of the best parts? No drilling required. 

The byproduct? You get to spend more time biking, camping, kayaking, hauling cargo - whatever you're into. Everything is made more efficient and enjoyable with a set of BillieBars. 

With a static load capability of 800 lbs (400 lbs dynamic), you're going to be able to make the most of your truck.

And when you want your truck back, you can remove the entire system in minutes (by yourself) - and when you need BillieBars for your next adventure or task, you can add them back in 8 minutes and 30 seconds? Is someone willing to beat ole Bill at his own game? We'd love to see it. 

We do want to be clear - this cover and truck combination is as simple as it gets. There are some tonneau covers (don't worry - a tonneau cover is not required to install our BillieBars Bed Rack), that may be more involved - but that's why we have resources such as the tonneau cover fitment guide available. And as always, we're available for any questions you may have. So pleas, reach out